Introduction to Organization

No matter what your organizing challenges are, a Professional Organizer can help you focus on your goals and overcome each organization obstacle.

I haven't got time to organize.

In "Taming the Paper Tiger at Home", author Barbara Hemphill suggests that the best way to organize is to start with the present, plan for the future, then work your way through the backlog. Making time to accomplish small tasks helps overcome the tendency to procrastinate.

I wasn't born organized!

Lots of people were born without the organization gene. Luckily it is a life skill that can be taught, no matter what your style of learning.

I'm not Martha Stewart!

That's OK, remember that she's an expert and she can delegate to her staff. Too often, clients inadvertently set themselves up for failure by setting unobtainable standards of perfection. At Havoc to Harmony we know how to analyze needs and develop organization strategies specifically designed for individual situations.

I should be able to do this myself.

There are many things we should do and indeed, could do for ourselves that we already hire out to other professionals. Think about the services you already pay for: haircuts, manicures, oil changes, window washing and home decorating. Professional Organizers are increasingly becoming an accepted part of the service industry.

I can't get others to co-operate i.e. co-workers or family.

This is a motivation problem. We specialize in solid team building strategies to overcome apathy and inertia.

I can't afford to hire a Professional Organizer.

Our organizing program provides a range of services ranging from teaching you how to organize, assisting you with the organization or actually organizing for you. Many of us pay a lawn service annually to spray for weeds. Surely weeding out the inside of your home is equally important to weeding the outside!

I don't see the point.

Clients fear that everything will just get messed up again! To prevent rebound disorganization, we offer maintenance strategies as part of our organizing program.


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Organizing Philosophy

Organizing Philosophy

"Organizing isn't about how everything looks, it's about how everything works."
 - Karen Sencich

Why Get Organized?

  • Reduce clutter related stress
  • Save time looking for misplaced items
  • Avoid storing duplicate items
  • Space for lifestyle related items
  • Bills paid on time
  • Increased personal effectiveness
  • Enjoy a less hazardous environment
  • Reduce demands on time, space and energy


  • How did I get so disorganized?
  • Why do clients need an organizer?
  • Where do I start to get organized?
  • How long will this take?
  • How do I deal with the disorganized people in my life?
  • Why did you become a professional organizer?
  • What makes you an organizing expert?
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Tackle it Now Tip

Hints for Handling Your Gift List

How do you handle your holiday wish lists? Sometimes the simplest hints are the best. For years I have been using the same easy to implement method.

  • I purchase the tiniest address book I can find and assign one page for each person on my guest list.
  • I record their sizes, colour and style preferences.
  • I include family members, friends, hairdresser and all service providers.
  • I keep the list inside my wallet so it can quickly and easily be updated.
  • Information for stocking gifts is also recorded.
  • I can frequently review what I have purchased to keep my budget on track.
  • As I wrap gifts I check them off!
  • If certain gifts need to be hidden I record where they were put.
  • I also list ideas and purchases of hostess gifts to keep on hand.

There are many benefits to this system. It is lightweight and portable, but most importantly since I keep the lists year after year, it helps me to prevent repeating gift ideas. Who wants to get a sweater or tie year after year?


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