Enthusiastic Audience Response

A+ - the answers everyone always wanted!

Awesome; fantastic at pulling in her audience.

Excellent speaker - energetic and knowledgeable 

Absolutely fantastic - great content, great presentation

Extremely informative & motivating

Fabulous presenter; energetic, informative, funny

Great - thanks for the scripts and for the real "tools"

Fantastic - charismatic & funny; should be a keynote speaker

Wonderful; her enthusiasm is infectious

Your humorous and interactive style makes it truly entertaining.

A most enjoyable and informative course. I was impressed with the amount of material you covered and the very relaxed and informal atmosphere in which it was delivered.

Organizing Skills Instructor

Organizing Skills Instructor


No matter whether your organizing techniques need a tune up or a complete overhaul, we have an Organizing Education Program to help you reach your goals.


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Tackle it Now Tip

Hints for Handling Your Gift List

How do you handle your holiday wish lists? Sometimes the simplest hints are the best. For years I have been using the same easy to implement method.

  • I purchase the tiniest address book I can find and assign one page for each person on my guest list.
  • I record their sizes, colour and style preferences.
  • I include family members, friends, hairdresser and all service providers.
  • I keep the list inside my wallet so it can quickly and easily be updated.
  • Information for stocking gifts is also recorded.
  • I can frequently review what I have purchased to keep my budget on track.
  • As I wrap gifts I check them off!
  • If certain gifts need to be hidden I record where they were put.
  • I also list ideas and purchases of hostess gifts to keep on hand.

There are many benefits to this system. It is lightweight and portable, but most importantly since I keep the lists year after year, it helps me to prevent repeating gift ideas. Who wants to get a sweater or tie year after year?


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